Debt Collection Procedures


  • The initial 30-day demand: Federal law requires all collection agencies to send a demand letter with specific language in it to the last known address supplied by the creditor. It advises the consumer of the existing debt and the fact that the debt has been placed with a collection agency and they're right to dispute the debt within thirty days.

  • Assigning the account to a professional collector: If full payment is not received in the first thirty days or we receive return mail, your file will be assigned to a professional collector. In most cases the consumers credit bureau will be ordered to determine collect-ability and ascertain contact information. The collector will attempt to contact the consumer at home and their place of employment until the balance is paid or it is determined the account must have post possession proceedings to secure the delinquent monies.


  • Request to file suit: After we determine through a statement the consumer has made or after repeated unsuccessful
    attempts to contact the consumer. US Collections West, Inc. will fax or mail a request for suit authorization. We will never move forward with litigation without the clients written approval.

  • Filing the judgement: Once it has been determined that the consumer will not pay voluntarily. US Collections West, Inc.
    has an attorney network all across the country, ready to go to court on your behalf. At no time will we ask for any money up front for legal proceedings. After obtaining your judgement, US Collections West, Inc, will execute through a writ of garnishment, bank levy or judgment debtor's exam. We will pay all up front costs. When the account pays, we will recoup those costs first. If collection by post possession proceedings is not successful, we will renew the judgement continuously as allowed by law.


  • When your account satisfies:Any payment received will be allocated according to our agreement. US Collections West, Inc. will remit payment, less earned commissions within 20 days of the preceding prior month. Should you receive payment direct from the consumer, we ask that it be forwarded to us in its whole original form.

  • Credit reporting: After an account has been placed we will report the debt to all bureaus we report with. When an account satisfies, we will update all bureaus accordingly. Should you request accounts not be reported, our system can be programmed not to report your accounts.


  • Disputes: We will advise you of any written dispute received from the debtor or credit bureau disputes. You will be advised of the dispute and the timeframe in which it needs to be responded to. We will request a response to the dispute. We will respond to the dispute on your behalf, sending a copy of your response o the consumer and report findings to all bureaus we have reported to.


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